This is a showing of work made by graphic designer, art director and artist Christian Zander.

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Introduction by Ulrik Nørgaard
Blurring the boundaries between the ambiguity of fine art and the modern aestheticism of graphic design, Copenhagen-based Dane, The Emperor of Antarctica (1983), works in multiple disciplines but communicates his interests and obsessions coherently and consistently across a range of creative platforms.

Taking on the twin roles of graphic designer and artist, the versatile creative produces visual art that is perhaps best described as neutral yet intricate meditations on form and human perception. The large-scale laser prints inspired by mathematics, symmetrical, Islamic construction patterns, and his developing interest in introspectivity, subvert the traditional distinction between form and content by seeking a purity of form that is inherently suspicious of narrative intent. In this way, the Emperor of Antarctica can be seen as an exponent of a complex dynamic that forces the viewer to contemplate the significance of form without narrative, matter without story.

And bio taken from the ADC*E conference 2011
Zander was born in Denmark and grew up in Hans Christian Andersen's hometown, Odense. In 1998, he dropped out of high school accepting a job offer from a local ad agency. After that, he worked in Copenhagen on Nike, work which resulted in the first Cannes D'Or Grand Prix given to Denmark since 1961. He then went on to work on the Lego brand at PR firm 'Sigma' before co-founding 'Bottega Areté, an experimental design group and artist collective, in 2002. Bottega Areté were pioneers in the digitally driven VJ scene in Scandinavia in the early 00s. In 2006, he relocated to Bucharest and worked between Denmark and Romania until 2008, when he returned to Denmark to start his solo practice as 'the Emperor of Antarctica' - working on graphics for music, the design of Copenhagen luxury hotel apartments Stay Copenhagen, and as the Art Director for Danish headphone brand AIAIAI. From 2011 till the end of 2012 he relocated back to Bucharest to focus on his own studies again. Focusing on aperiodic patterns and programming. He keeps a tight relationship with the AIAIAI collective.

It should be noted that this folio is focused on showing output from the last couple of years from my 14 year long and very varied career. Older work and CV is available upon specific requests. I also update this site fairly irregularly and only with client work, if you're curious to see more of my pure artistic endeavours and see sketches and experimetns unfolding, I recommend to check out my personal blog

I am currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. But I'm very experienced in working for clients around the world. And also flexible and always open for new travels and adventures.

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Photo: Dennis Stenild