We have always had a curious relationship with copyright laws here at the imperial headquarters, our whole continent is basically named after the continent opposite us on the globe. Not exactly clear cut innovation. But then again, maybe clear cut innovation is overrated?

Most of the time the first invention of 'something' - be it a car, a plane or a portable music player - is a deeply flawed piece that takes many machine generations to perfect. As Gladwell writes in his concise New Yorker piece 'The Tweaker' – "tweaking is essential to progress" – does that hold true for music as well? We'll spare you the long winding theories, but we've met many a remix in our time that just did a few minor tweaks which magically turned the flawed original into utter perfection.

I'm not saying 'this is what the super secret Copenhagen duo Underdogs set out to do' - in this edit of Alicia Keys. They are usually driven by simpler ambitions. Like getting payed and getting drunk. According to themselves the re-pitching and added echo was just the simplest method of getting to play pop hits at a fashionweek party where nobody was intending to dance anyway.

Anyway, we are very proud to be starting out this little blog thing with a regular scoop, of sorts, the very first leaking of this golden nugget. Enjoy how Alicia would have sounded if God was any good at his job.

Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart (Underdog edit) by undrdg